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StroboClip™ Clip-On Strobe Tuner

No Compromise
– the most accurate multi-temperament clip-on tuner available on the market. Tuning Range: C0 to B6 (16 – 1975hz).

Unique Visual Display and Accuracy :- Smooth, real-time display, The StroboClip™ has 1/10 cent accuracy and the unique patented virtual strobe multi-function display shows both the note and how close you are to it with a visually moving strobe effect.

Special Tunings :- 28 new Sweetened™ Tunings and a range of selectable temperaments for a wide variety of string and wind instruments including Eastern Temperaments.

Sustain Mode :- The StroboClip has an exclusive Sustain Mode feature that allows prolonged note viewing time when tuning short-voiced instruments. The note is captured and displayed on the screen until the next time the tuner is triggered. Excellent for use with instruments like tenor banjo and similar instruments with percussive but brief signals.

Solid Design :- The tuner's shell is brushed aluminium. Soft, rubber pads line the jaws of the clip section to protect the instrument being tuned and providing a firm grip for maximum signal conductivity. A rugged metal carrying case keeps the tuner safe when not in use.

General :- Smallest Multi-Temperament Tuner. Drop/Capo Setting. Adjustable Key. 28 Exclusive Peterson Sweeteners™/Temperaments including Eastern Temperament Presets. Adjustable Concert A Reference: 400Hz to 490Hz. Auto Sleep And Power Off. Weight 45g. Battery CR2032 disk.

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Peterson is a USA based company specialising in electronic instrument tuners and metronomes. They also make a range of special tuners suited to professional musicians and recording studios. We have not listed all the products they make. If you have a pro tuning application, please visit their web site to browse their specialities and then get back to us so we can advise further. Visit the Peterson website.

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