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7 string guitars have been around for many years and in particular the Russian 7 string guitar. The Brazilian 7 string guitar is often used in choro and samba and has its place in Latin American music. Napolean Coste wrote some of his works with the 7 string and possibly an 8 string guitar in mind. Other composers include Mertz and Legnani.

Modern tuning has the 7th string tuned to C but also B and D which
opens up an extended range for some of the Classical, Baroque and Renaissance repertoire. Tuned to C it adds 2 sympathetic resonances
at G and C which is an improvement of 50% over the standard guitar
and makes transitioning to the 10 string in Yepes tuning very easy.
The Russian 7 string Guitar is tuned to open G tuning (DGBDGbd)
and has a large repertoire written for it dating back to the early
19th century.

Laudarra offers two 7 string models:

Bartolex 7 Cedar or spruce tops, laminated rosewood back / sides, cutaway, Fischmann electronic pickups
Milagro 7 Cedar or spruce top, solid rosewood back / sides

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