Multi String Guitars
Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars  
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· Laudarra Guitars Model and Price List
· Sympathetic Resonance Map for 6, 8 and 10 string guitars

Alessi Tuning Machines
- Plate Styles >
- Decorations and options >
- How to Specify >

· Peterson Electronic Tuners and Metronomes
- Strobo Clip Tuner >
- BodyBeat Sync metronome >
- StroboFlip programmable tuner >
- 490 Auto strobe lab standard tuner >
- StroboSoft tuner software for PC or Mac >

Articles of Interest
- More Than Six or Playing the Notes Other Guitars Cannot Reach, by James R. Smith >

· 10 string Guitar arrangements and music
- Watch this space, under compilation
· Multi string guitar study method
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· Strings
Laudarra is negotiating to be able to offer premium quality strings for our guitars specially suited to multi string guitars and sourced from well known manufacturers such as Hannabach, Aranjuez, Savarez and others.
YES, the price will be "world" competitive and definitely not inflated because we live in Australia!
Watch this space coming soon.
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